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Live Painting Is the New Wedding Ceremony or Reception Trend.
Whether you're the bride-to-be, the mother-of-the-groom, or an event planner, I would love to hear all about your special day!  For availability and information regarding packages, send me a message, complete the form or visit my website for more information.


Wedding Painting: Capture Your Special Day on Canvas!

A wedding painting is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that immortalizes your special day. As a talented wedding painting artist in Maui, I offer live wedding painting services to create a unique and memorable keepsake for you and your partner to cherish for years to come. In this comprehensive guide, I'll answer your most frequently asked questions and share helpful tips and ideas to make your wedding painting experience extraordinary.


What is a Wedding Painting?

A wedding painting is an artistic representation of your wedding day, capturing the emotions, details, and atmosphere of your special event. It can be a portrait painting of the bride and groom, a scene from the ceremony, or a snapshot of the reception festivities. I create custom, hand-painted wedding art that reflects your unique love story and the beauty of your celebration.

How Does the Live Wedding Painting Process Work?

As an experienced wedding painting artist, I'll be present at your wedding, painting on-site to capture the essence of your special day in real-time. I start with a rough sketch of the scene, then add layers of paint to bring your wedding to life on canvas. Following the event, I'll take the painting back to my studio for final touches and varnishing before delivering the finished piece to you. To learn more about my process, visit the process page on my website.

Live Wedding Painting: A Unique Experience for Your Guests

In addition to creating a beautiful keepsake for you and your partner, live wedding painting adds a captivating element of entertainment for your guests. They'll enjoy watching the painting come to life and may even find themselves featured in the final piece. This interactive art experience is a fantastic way to make your wedding stand out and create lasting memories for everyone in attendance.

Wedding Painting Ideas and Styles

As a versatile artist, I offer a range of wedding painting styles to suit your taste and preferences. From realistic portraits to impressionistic scenes, I can create a custom piece that complements your wedding aesthetic and captures the essence of your love story. For more inspiration, check out my blog for unique wedding painting ideas and examples of my work.

Wedding Painting Services and Pricing

I offer a variety of wedding painting packages to fit your needs and budget. From intimate ceremonies to extravagant receptions, I can create a custom piece that fits the scale and style of your event. To learn more about my services and pricing, visit my pricing page.

Wedding Painting from Photo

If you've already had your wedding or would prefer a painting created from a photograph, I also offer custom wedding paintings from photos. Simply contact me with your request, and we'll discuss the details to create a beautiful, personalized piece of art.

Wedding Painting FAQs

For answers to more frequently asked questions about wedding painting, visit my FAQ page.

Book Your Wedding Painting Today!

Ready to capture your special day on canvas? Book your live wedding painting with me today! And for even more wedding inspiration, check out my blog.

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