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About ​Ariel Quiroz:

Chilean Artist Ariel Quiroz has been participating in competitions, exhibitions, and artistic projects in visual art including theater and short films since 1995.


He enjoys drawing, painting, portraiture, and the human figure, mixing realistic effects with impressionism and expressionism.


His education in Contemporary Art has inspired him to express himself with classical fine art techniques.


Ariel conveys and evokes emotions and ideas, whether philosophical, aesthetic or spiritual, to stimulate the imagination and translate feelings into interesting images, that invite independent thinking and responses of joy and the value of humanity.


1999: Four Year Certificate in Visual Art Techniques: Specializing in Painting and Graphic Art: Honors and Award of Outstanding Participation


2006: Bachelors in Visual Art: Magna Cum Laude


2010: Bachelors in Education: Cum Laude


2010: Bachelors in Teaching High School Visual Arts: Cum Laude


In 2011 Ariel ventured to Brazil, México and now Maui to share his exquisite talent.

Live Art, Paintings, Drawings, Portraits, Ariel Quiroz Art, Maui, Hawaii. Lahaina 96767

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